App info page

Thanks for choosing to use metroNotify.  We hope it helps keep you informed while travelling with Metro.

Notify allows you to personalise Metro’s live service updates to receive the information you want at the times that you need it.

New information about your selected train lines will arrive on your device as a push notification.

Updates are sent directly from Metro’s Control Centre. They are defined by the following travel categories:

 Good Service – trains are running on time to five minutes.

 Minor delays – journey time may be increased with trains delayed by between five and 15 minutes; however stay with your planned travel.

 Major delays – significantly longer journey time expected with trains delayed by over 15 minutes. Consider alternative transport while we work to fix the problem.

 Suspended – a section of the line has been suspended due to an unplanned disruption. Replacement buses will be used where possible, but alternative modes of transport should also be considered.

 Travel alert – there will be special instructions or information for your line.

 Cancellation alert – special instructions or information exists for this line for a cancelled train.

 Works Alert – planned improvement works that are occurring within the next 24 hours that will alter scheduled services.

Each category (except good service) will be accompanied by information explaining why there is a delay or a change to your service.  As new information comes to hand, it will arrive on your device instantaneously, much like a live blog.

metroNotify also gives you access to all live service updates should you need it, as well as the ability to link through to the Metro m-site for news, journey planning and timetables.

For all other travel information such as journey planning, timetables and ticketing, the following will assist you:


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