All creatures great and small…

11 Nov 2019, Tom Mclaughlin

Metro have recently played a leading role in bringing together bandicoot experts, Victorian agencies and land managers to develop the State’s first guidelines for managing habitat for the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot.

Neal Masters, Metro’s Biodiversity Manager worked closely with these stakeholders to distil the key learnings from a forum held at Koo Wee Rup in 2018 to turn the guidelines into reality. The guidelines were recently released for use across Victoria.

“It is something we should feel very proud of,” said Neal who played a big part in setting this all in motion when he realised no such guidelines existed when Metro inherited the management of 3km of Southern Brown Bandicoot habitat in 2018. “Victoria has already lost the remarkable Eastern Barred Bandicoot through predation by cats, foxes and habitat loss so we need to act quickly to save the Southern Brown Bandicoot from the same fate. It is fantastic that Metro is playing such a leading role to prevent the extinction of endangered species in Victoria.”

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