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COVID UPDATE as of 18th November 2021

  • On 18 November 2021, the Victorian Government released the COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions (Directions).
  • The Directions, place obligations on employers in relation to relevant workers who are, or may be, scheduled to work outside their ordinary place of residence on or after 26 November 2021.
  • The obligations include that relevant workers are required to have:
    • Received your second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, or
    • Have a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner.
  • If you have any queries in relation to the Directions, you should seek your own independent legal advice.
  • We require you to ensure you are complying with the Directions, and that if you are attending MTM’s sites you have conformed to them.
  • Can you confirm that you are complying with the Directions?

If no

  • I’m afraid we are unable to allow you to enter and will ask that you vacate the premises.

The Metro Academy has implemented risk mitigation strategies based on guidance provided by our Chief Medical Officer. Non-essential training has been deferred, or online training has been offered as a suitable alternative. Where necessary face-to-face training continues when core rail training is required, and skills must be demonstrated so the integrity of assessment requirements are maintained.

Where possible the Metro Academy adheres to the social direction provided. Metro Academy has a high risk COVID-19 safe plan in place.

You can find all of our training that is still available here

Building and maintaining top class skills and capability is a top priority for the global railway industry. This is the very reason for the establishment of the Metro Academy.

With access to unrivalled knowledge of Melbourne’s metropolitan railway and backed by Hong Kong’s MTR, which is arguably the best engineered railway in the world, the Metro Academy offers Australia’s railway workers and contractors access to superior training opportunities.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering both nationally recognised units of competence and purpose built non-accredited training programs, the Metro Academy is well positioned to provide the industry with fit for purpose training solutions.

RTO # 40535, Metro Trains Melbourne

Rail Industry Worker News & Updates

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RIW 24/7 Support

If you have an issue with the RIW APP or your require desktop support or in need of competency validation, please contact 1300 101 682 or email

If you’re calling to log a fault please ensure you take note of the job number and email this to so the Metro competency team can monitor the fault progress.

RIW APP Instructions

RIW APP Instructions

Access to the RIW App must be selected by your primary employer on your RIW profile. Track Force Protection Coordinator’s and Project Managers should have access to “Access Controller” Work Group Supervisors should have access to “Spot Check only” If you are experiencing issues with granting your employee access, please contact RIW on 1300 101 682 or email

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Rail Safety Worker Competence

This is Metro’s rail safety worker competency information centre.

If you have any questions relating to this information, please email

This information centre summarises Metro’s competency management system by detailing all rail safety worker tasks and the competencies necessary to complete these essential railway tasks.

Business Rules and Procedures

Number Title Updated Version
A2020 Safety and Environmental Requirements 20 Oct 2020 8.0
A2127 Contractor and third Parties Planned Works Checklist 20 Oct 2020 5.0
A957 Business rules manual for the contracting Rail Safety Worker 21 Dec 2020 6.0
L1-CHE-MAN-003 Signals Rail Safety Worker Competence 1 Feb 2018 3.0
L1-HMR-MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Competence 6 Nov 2013 1.0
L1-HMR-MAN-003 Project Management Rail Safety Worker Competence, Project Management Assessment Template 6 Nov 2013 1.0
L4-SQE-FOR-138 Engineering & Design Record Of Relevant Experience 23 Feb 2018 2.0
L2-SQE-MAN-001 Engineering and Design Rail Safety Worker Competence 23 Feb 2018 2.0
L4-CHE-FOR-073 Signals Competency Assessment Request 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-071 Education and Training Record 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-070 Signals Competency Work Experience Record 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-069 Signals Competency Upgrade Request 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-067 Work Based Training Assessment Form 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-072 Transfer of Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-086 Certificate Control Systems Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-079 Certificate Signal Constructions Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-080 Certificate Signal Design Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-081 Certificate Signal Maintenance Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-082 Certificate Signal Test Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-CHE-FOR-083 Certificate Signal Project Management and Project Engineering Competency Assessment Checklist 1 Feb 2018 1.0

1994 Book of Rules

To view the 1994 Book of Rules, click here.

Competency Matrices and Supporting Documentation

Number Title Updated Version
1 Track & Civil Aug 2015 4.3
2 Plant & Equipment Apr 2018 5.0
3 Engineering & Design Matrix Nov 2017 5.0
4 Project Management Feb 2018 5.0
5 Safeworking (Track Protection) Aug 2016 5.0
6 Structures Jul 2016 3.3
7 Signals, Control Systems & Communications Mar 2022 7.3
8 Electrical Networks – Substations Sep 2014 2.2
9 Electrical Networks – Overhead Safety Observer Jan 2016 2.2
10 Electrical Network – Overhead Jul 2015 3.2
View the new national roles for:

These national roles are recognised by all Registered Transport Operators currently using the RIW system.

To see a list of all MTM signal CMS forms, click here.

Signals Statements of Competency

Number Title Updated Version
L4-LED-FOR-060 Signals Design – SOC 1 Feb 2018 2.0
L4-LED-FOR-065 Signals Construction – SOC 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-LED-FOR-064 Signals Test – SOC 1 Feb 2018 2.0
L4-LED-FOR-063 Signals Maintenance – SOC 1 Feb 2018 2.0
L4-LED-FOR-062 Signals Communications – SOC 1 Feb 2018 1.0
L4-LED-FOR-077 Signals Project – SOC 1 Feb 2018 1.0

MTM Standards Induction





1 MTM Standards Induction Design 1 Aug 2018 1.1
2 MTM Standards Induction Construction 1 Aug 2018 1.1
3 MTM Standards Induction Test 1 Aug 2018 1.1
4 MTM Standards Induction Maintenance 1 Aug 2018 1.1
5 MTM Standards Induction Communications 1 Aug 2018 1.1
6 MTM Standards Induction Project 1 Aug 2018 1.1

Engineering & Design Statements of Competency & Supporting Documentation

Number Title Updated Version
1 Architectural Designer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
2 Building Services Design Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
3 Overhead Wiring Design Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
4 Rolling Stock Communications Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
5 Rolling Stock Electrical Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
6 Structures Design Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
7 Substation and Power 13 Mar 2018 3.0
8 Track and Civil Design Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0
9 Rolling Stock Mechanical Engineer 23 Feb 2018 2.0


Title Date
CMS 2018 Signals Moderation Session 24 July 18
Rail Safety Worker Information Session 30 Sep 13
Rail Safety Worker Competence 15 Jan 18

Competencies Bulletins

Number Title Date
MA-BUL-2022-08 TFPC 3.3 Face-to-Face Renewal Training 4 August 2022
MA-BUL-2022-07 New Ways of Working (NWoW) Refresher 4 August 2022
MA-BUL-2022-06 MTM Infield Evidence of Shifts – Inner Suburban 22 July 2022
MA-BUL-2022-05 MTM Notification Of Fees 6 June 2022
MA-BUL-2022-04 MTM-No SWIRC No Work 17 May 2022
MA-BUL-2022-03 MTM-TFPC 3.1 Course Duration Change 26 Apr 2022
MA-BUL-2022-02 MTM Lookout Armband Requirement 8 Apr 2022
MA-BUL-2022-01 MTM Infield Logbook Requirement 27 Jan 2022
MA-BUL-2021-07 MTM Approved Safeworking Training Provider  23 Dec 2021
MA-BUL-2021-06 MTM Inner Suburban Initial Induction 8 Dec 2021
MA-BUL-2021-05 MTM-Inner Suburban Recertification Updates 29 Nov 2021
MA-BUL-2021-01 MTM-Approved-Safeworking-Training-Provider 23 Jul 2021
MA-BUL-2021-02 MTM-Inner Suburban-Recertification 2 Sept 2021
MA-BUL-2021-03 MTM-Inner Suburban-Recertification-Delay 15 Sept 2021
MA-BUL-2021-04 MTM-Inner Suburban-Recertification-Go Live 18 Sept 2021
89 Metro Safe Working Renewal Training Program 3 Apr 2020
Changes to Assessment Process in RIW 22 Nov 2019
88 Compliance with signals, Control Systems and Communications Roles 11 Jan 2019
83 How to check Rail Worker Roles 11 Sep 2018
82 Metro Subject Matter Experts (SME) Signals, Control Systems,
Communications and Signals Project Roles
6 Aug 2018
80 Changes to Metro Standards Induction VRIOGS 17 Jul 2018
79 Extension to Engineering & Design Competency Assessment 2 Jul 2018
77 Mandatory Compliance Reminder for Signals, Control Systems, Communications and Signals Project Roles 12 Jun 2018
72 External Principal Contractor’s to MTM – Read Only Access and user management to PlantGUARD 5 Apr 2018
71 Go Live Date – 1st February 2018 – Signals, Control Systems & Communications 30 Jan 2018
70 Signals Contractor Forum – Signals, Control Systems & Communications Matrix Update 22 Nov 2017
69 PlantGUARD APP Access 14 Nov 2017
66 Safeworking Training Framework Pre-Requisites 26 May 2017
65 PlantGUARD 30 Apr 2017
60 Road Rail and Rail Bound Plant Information Bulletin 2 Sep 2016
47 VicTrack Contractors 1 Oct 2015


Metro Signals CS&S CMS – Frequently Asked Questions

Learner Documents

Below are the documents relevant to learners undertaking training with the MTM Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 40535) and Metro Academy.


Learner Information Handbook


RTO Complaints and Appeals Procedure

RTO Fees, Charges and Refunds Procedure

Learner Misconduct Procedure


RTO Complaint or Appeal Form

Application for Refund of Fees

Request for Assessment Task Extension

Information Release Consent Form 

Certificate Request Form

Change of Personal Details Form


The SWIRC book

This learner book provides you with the key information you’ll learn during the SWIRC course. Download your copy HERE and keep a copy to refer to during and after your training session.

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