Train well together

In sport a smart play can make all the difference to the game and helping each other is what makes a team play well together.

There are simple things we can do to keep the trains running on time. Help us and your fellow passengers by making these great passenger moves so train travel is easier and better for all of us.  We’re all heading to the same goal – our destination.

  • Create space with the platform spread
    The front and back carriages generally have more space. So head to the ends of the platform and board the train there. A game changing move that makes train travel easier and better for all of us.
  • Master the side step and shepherd
    Step aside and allow your train-mates to get off the train before you get on. It’s one of the great passenger plays and makes train travel easier and better for all of us.
  • Find space on the outside and switch the play
    When the train’s crowded, the doorways can get blocked. Help create some room by getting off the train if you’re near the doorway, and let your train-mates pass.
  • Create a centre corridor break
    Standing near the doors makes it harder for people to get on and off the train. So help out your train-mates and move further into the carriage.
  • Don’t get caught holding the door
    Holding the door or forcing the doors creates delays and holds you and your fellow train-mates up on your journey.

We’re all on the same team.

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