Metro Performance

99% Delivery 93.4% Punctuality
16th November 2017 @ 11am
99.2% Delivery 93.6% Punctuality
15th November 2017 @ 11am
99.1% Delivery 93.4% Punctuality
14th November 2017 @ 10am
The above statistics are aggregate values for the period of 28 days ending at the date of each set of statistics stipulated.

At Metro, we closely monitor the performance of all our train services. We are committed to providing reliable train services and we work closely with the Victorian Government, Department of Transport and Public Transport Victoria (PTV) to ensure we not only meet, but exceed, our customer service and performance targets. Our partnership with the Victorian Government emphasises the importance of delivering services in line with the agreed timetable. While we always aim to meet and exceed our performance targets, on occasion, certain circumstances may mean we fall short. Our Performance Targets relate to:


‘On time’ is defined as the proportion of services which arrived at their destination no later than four minutes and 59 seconds after the scheduled time in the timetable.


Measured as a proportion of the timetabled train services run. Our performance thresholds are to run at least  98 percent of trains each month and for 88 per cent or more of these services to be punctual. If we do not reach our targets for punctuality and delivery, then eligible customers will be compensated. Our monthly, network-wide, performance data is available online and at stations on the 10th day of the month and includes any eligibility for compensation. The Department of Transport also publishes monthly punctuality and delivery data for train services, including line specific information. You can access this information here.

99.2% Delivery
93.8% Punctuality
September 2017 Results
98.9% Delivery
92.6% Punctuality
October 2017 Results

Who is eligible for compensation?

To download a copy of our Customer Compensation Code, click here.

Alternatively, use the table below as a guide to claiming compensation.

Your Question Answer
Can I claim compensation? Compensation can be claimed by all holders of myki passes that are valid for 28 days or more
Is my claim valid?   Your myki must have been correctly used on train services for at least 10 days of that month
How much will I be compensated? The value of a daily ticket (or other value as defined) will be uploaded onto your myki. The value loaded will reflect the same fare/zone mix as the myki pass being compensated.
How do I claim? If eligible for compensation, a form will be available for download from this website.
When do I need to claim by?   Up until the end of the month in which the results of the previous month are announced.
Compensation Trigger MYKI Compensation Value
If Metro delivers less than 98% of its scheduled services in a calendar month 1x Daily Ticket
If Metro delivers less than 95% of its scheduled services in a calendar month 2x Daily Tickets
If less than 88% of Metro services are on-time in a calendar month 1x Daily Ticket
If less than 84% of Metro services are on-time in a calendar month 2x Daily Tickets
We understand there may be times when it is necessary to replace or process refunds to myki passes. To do this, an application for a replacement myki must be completed and submitted to myki. These are available from the PTV website. In the case of a damaged or defective myki you can visit any premium station and receive a replacement card.  Any existing balance on your old card will be transferred to the new one as part of the replacement process. In the case of a lost or stolen myki you will need to complete and submit a myki replacement form, available from the PTV website.
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