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Hot Weather Speed Restrictions

This summer Metro has a new extreme heat strategy, that will keep more people moving during the summer heat.

Speed restrictions in extreme heat will now be managed on a line-by-line basis. Each Metro line is fitted with a number of electronic monitoring sensors to measure track temperature in real-time. By using actual track temperature, rather than the forecast ambient temperature, speed restrictions can be applied to affected parts of the network only.

When the track temperature of a line reaches 55 degrees or higher, the maximum speed limit is restricted to 80km/h. The tracks can expand in extreme temperatures and trains must travel at slower speeds to ensure customer safety.

Please also note the following:

  • On days where the ambient temperature is forecast to reach 42 degrees and above, the maximum speed limit is reduced to 70km/h across the entire Metro network.
  • When speed restrictions are in place, some services will run late as trains can only travel at 80 km/h on parts of the network where they usually travel at 110km/h.
  • Some services may be cancelled to manage the expected delays caused by the speed restrictions. By creating a small number of gaps between services, it prevents congestion on the network.

We understand these changes might extend normal journey times or change your regular travel plans, but your safety is our main priority during extreme weather.

Make sure to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun. If you require any assistance please speak to one of our Customer Service staff at the station or press the red emergency button on the Customer Information console on the platform.

For all information on your line and to stay up-to-date, keep an eye on the metroNotify app, check the healthboard on or follow us on Twitter @metrotrains

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