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Training courses still available for delivery

3 Apr 2020, Media Release
Passenger Delivery
(internal Only)
Initial Renewal Rail Safety Rail Support
Authorised Officer qualification training TTSA MCSR (TTSA Renewal) SWIRC Certificate IV in WHS
Stations qualification training Lookout Lookout Renewal Graduate Diploma in Railway Signalling Systems
Train Driving qualification training Handsignaller Handsignaller Renewal
TFPC 3.1 Renewal
TFPC 3.2 Renewal
TFPC 3.3 Renewal


Note 1 – TFPC 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 online courses will be available from 13 April 2020

Note 2 – Safeworking TVO1 Renewal training is being transitioned to online learning and assessment, and is expected to be ready from 20 April 2020.

Note 3 – Further information will be released about other safeworking training in separate communications

The Metro Academy also continues to work with external training providers for the provision of training to Metro employees. These training providers are, where possible, also adjusting their training and implementing physical distancing measures. First Aid and CPR training is an example where assessors are observing simulated breathing, rather than learners directly breathing into mannequins.

As COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, please note that this information is current as of today, and may change as early as tomorrow. For this reason Metro continues to monitor and update our practices in this challenging environment.

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