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Safer, cleaner trains to keep Melbourne moving during COVID-19

New tools to prevent illegal trespassing

Metro Tunnel Careers

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Environment & Sustainability

Doing Business With Metro

…lier standards in the areas of health and safety, environment and sustainability and business integrity. For further information, please email Access Arrangement Suppliers & Contractors Environment Access Arrangement Attachment A Access Agreement Attachment B Train Path Request Process and Protocol Attachment C Additional Capacity Works Attachment D Cost Allocation Policy Attachment E Regulatory Accounts Proformance…

Passenger Disruption Refunds

…which prevented us from safely running trains across the network. In recognition of the inconvenience our passengers experienced, we will be issuing an automatic refund to those who were affected. Passengers that touched on in the metropolitan train network between 3pm and 7pm will be reimbursed for the cost of their two-hour fare. Both myki money and myki pass passengers travelling on a full fare will be reimbursed $4.10 and concession travellers…

Change is no barrier to success for Metro’s longest-serving employees

An EPIC pathway to success for Metro engineering cadets

New digital map technology supports better rail maintenance