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All signs point to a bright future for Metro’s newest recruit

Metro Film & Photography Terms and Conditions


About Notify

…om a station that has multiple lines running though it make sure to select all relevant lines to ensure you get all the timetabled services running through your station. The push notifications are defined by the following travel categories which advise on the best action for you to take: Good Service – trains are running on time to five minutes. Minor delays – journey time may be increased with trains delayed by between five and 15 minutes; howeve…

Filming with Metro

…e for extended periods as works take place. You can keep up to date with upcoming planned works here Please note: we will not be accepting applications to film at the following locations – they are entirely out of bounds: Driver’s cab Control Centre The following stations are subject to a case by case review: Flinders Street Melbourne Central Parliament Flagstaff Richmond South Yarra Footscray All requ…

Before Travelling

…Metro trains disruptions direct to your phone through Twitter. Get a personalised Tweet when your journey has been affected by delays. Sign up is easy and personalised to the line, time and dates of your regular journeys. More questions? Look for a Metro employee, visit or call 1800 800 007. Further information about more specific accessibility needs and transport can be found at…

New to Metro?

…rs automatically once you are safely onboard. Arriving at your destination All trains automatically broadcast the name of the next station prior to its arrival. Most trains also have electronic signs which flash the name of the next station. Should either or both of these services be temporarily unavailable, look for on-board network maps to find your destination. Exiting a train Similar to boarding a train, either press the illuminated green butt…

Passengers with specific needs

…ol signifies our commitment to provide accessible services for people with communication difficulty. Communication tools have been developed to help passengers and staff communicate about travelling on Metro. You can download and print tools by clicking the links below. These communication tools are copyright material and must not be used or replicated for commercial purposes unless expressly agreed to by Metro. Picture board, Spelling board and n…

Change is no barrier to success for Metro’s longest-serving employees

Safer, cleaner trains to keep Melbourne moving during COVID-19