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Action Plan

…Accessibility Action Plan To view a copy of Metro’s Accessibility Action Plan (2019 – 2021): Accessibility Action Plan In PDF, please click here. Accessibility Action Plan In Word, please click here. More questions? Look for a Metro employee, visit or call 1800 800 007. Further information about more specific accessibility needs and transport can be found at:…

Trespassing increases as Metro records another month of record-high performance

Round-the-clock works on the Rushall Curve

Werribee and Williamstown lines

…Footscray Station and turn left onto Irving Street. Proceed along footpath for approx. 100m to the bus stop directly in front of taxi rank. Exit Footscray Station and turn left onto Irving Street. Proceed along footpath to pedestrian crossing and cross Irving Street with care. Turn right proceed approx. 30m to the regular 409 PTV bus stop.   Seddon Metro Designated Bus Stop Metro Designated Bus Stop   Pentland Parade Pentland Parade   Exit Seddon…


On the Train

…entified by floor decals featuring the international symbol of access Intercom Every train has a Passenger Emergency Intercom, which is a button you will find within the carriage, often near doors and allocated spaces. If you need urgent assistance, press the button to speak to the driver. Exiting the train The driver will open the door and provide you with the portable ramp, if required. If using a mobility aid, should you accidentally miss your…

Ghada’s engineering an EPIC future