New Year’s Eve Travel

We’re running extra trains to get you to and from the city this New Year’s Eve and travel after 6pm (until the first normal service on New Year’s Day) will be free.

In addition to the normal weekday timetable, there will be extra services on all Metro lines to get you to and from the City for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Extra services will begin from 8pm to get people safely in to the City for the early fireworks display. Extra services will also run through the night to get people home after the celebrations.

Click here to download a PDF of the extra services or see a list of the extra service below:

To City

Before midnight there will be additional trains to Flinders Street from:

South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:
South Morang – 8:08pm, 11:44pm, 11:54pm
Epping – 8:42pm, 9:12pm, 9:42pm, 10:12pm
Macleod – 8:44pm, 9:13pm, 9:43pm, 10:13pm, 10:43pm
Eltham- 11:48pm

Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:
Ringwood – 8:13pm, 8:46pm, 9:19pm, 9:54pm, 10:21pm
Lilydale – 11:30pm
Belgrave to Ringwood – 11:09pm, 11:25pm
Alamein to Camberwell – 11:44pm
Glen Waverley – 8:39pm, 9:07pm, 9:43pm, 10:09pm, 11:54pm

Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:
Broadmeadows – 8:27pm, 8:57pm, 9:57pm, 10:29pm, 10:57pm, 11:59pm
Craigieburn – 9:18pm
Sunshine – 9:14pm, 9:44, 10:13pm, 10:43pm, 11:44pm
Watergardens – 11:51pm
Sunbury – 11:51pm
Newport – 9:14pm, 10:14pm

Frankston/Sandringham/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:
Mordialloc – 7:53pm, 8:54pm, 9:53pm, 11:47pm
Frankston – 11:40pm, 11:52pm
Westall – 7:49pm, 8:43pm, 9:43pm

After midnight there will be additional trains to Flinders Street from:

South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:
South Morang – 12:04am, 12:34am, 1:15am, 1:44am, 1:58am, 2:58am, 3:58am
Epping- 12:14am, 12:27am, 12:47am
Macleod – 12:14am, 12:42am
Eltham – 12:09am
Hurstbridge – 12:04am, 12:19am, 12:54am, 2:01am, 3:04am, 4:03pm

Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:
Ringwood – 12:06am, 12:27am, 12:46am
Lilydale – 12:00am, 12:20am, 1:00am, 1:20am, 2:07am, 3:50am
Lilydale to Ringwood – 2:48am
Belgrave – 2:38am
Belgrave to Ringwood – 1:09am
Alamein to Camberwell – 1:10am, 1:40am, 2:16am, 3:16am
Glen Waverley – 12:08am, 12:18am, 12:28am, 12:38am, 1:05am, 1:34am, 2:15am, 2:58am, 3:58am

Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:
Craigieburn – 12:10am, 12:30am, 12:45am, 1:10am, 1:40am, 2:49am, 3:49am, 4:29am
Upfield – 12:02am, 12:23am, 1:00am, 1:15am, 1:30am, 1:45am, 2:15am, 3:15am, 4:15am
Sunbury – 12:01am, 12:14am, 12:26am, 12:53am, 1:11am, 1:34am, 2:32am, 3:32am
Werribee – 12:22am, 1:06am, 1:37am, 2:07am, 3:04am, 4:04am

Frankston/Sandringham/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:
Frankston – 12:22am, 12:55am, 1:45am, 2:45am, 3:45am
Mordialloc – 12:50am
Westall – 12:07am
Dandenong – 12:15am, 12:35am
Pakenham – 12:30am, 1:09am, 2:06am, 3:06am
Cranbourne to Dandenong – 1:11am, 1:33am, 1:52am, 3:12am
Sandringham – 12:07am, 12:27am, 1:11am, 1:31am, 1:41am, 2:04am, 3:01am, 4:00am

From City

After the early fireworks display there will be extra trains from Flinders Street to:

South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:
South Morang- 9:11pm, 10:45pm
Epping- 9:45pm, 10:15pm, 11:15pm
Macleod- 9:24pm, 9:54pm, 10:24pm, 10:54pmBelgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:
Glen Waverley – 8:54pm, 9:14pm, 9:44pm, 10:14pm, 10:44pm, 11:14pm
Ringwood – 10:03pm, 10:26pm, 11:21pm
Camberwell to Alamein – 11:59pmCraigieburn/Sunbury/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:
Broadmeadows – 9:11pm, 9:40pm, 10:11pm, 10:41pm, 11:11pm
Craigieburn – 11:37pm
Sunshine – 8:38pm, 9:09pm, 9:38pm, 10:09pm, 11:09pm
Sunbury – 10:39pm
Newport – 8:09pm, 8:48pm, 9:47pm, 10:40pmFrankston/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:
Mordialloc – 8:44pm, 9:43pm, 10:51pm, 11:55pm
Westall – 8:36pm, 9:36pm, 10:30pm

After midnight there will be extra trains from Flinders Street to:

South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:
South Morang – 12:30am, 12:40am, 12:50am, 1:00am, 1:10am, 1:20am, 1:30am, 2:00am, 2:30am, 2:51am, 3:51am, 4:46am
Macleod – 12:55am
Eltham – 12:35am, 1:15am
Hurstbridge – 12:45am, 1:05am, 1:25am, 1:52am, 2:25am, 3:21am, 4:30am

Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:
Lilydale – 12:30am, 12:40am, 12:50am, 1:00am, 1:10am, 1:20am, 1:31am, 1:55am, 2:25am, 3:43am, 4:38am
Camberwell to Alamein – 1:25am, 1:55am, 2:52am, 4:00am, 4:56am
Ringwood to Belgrave – 1:21am, 1:40am, 2:02am, 2:23am
Belgrave – 3:43am
Glen Waverley – 12:35am, 12:45am, 12:55am, 1:05am, 1:15am, 1:25am, 2:13am, 3:13am, 4:13am

Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:
Craigieburn- 12:32am, 12:42am, 12:52am, 1:02am, 1:12am, 1:22am, 1:45am, 2:25am, 3:25am, 4:25am
Upfield – 12:35am, 12:50am, 1:05am, 1:20am, 1:30am, 1:56am, 2:27am, 2:54am, 3:54am, 4:54am
Sunbury – 12:40am, 12:50am, 1:00am, 1:10am, 1:20am, 1:49am, 2:39am, 3:39am, 4:39am
Werribee – 12:25am, 12:35am, 12:45am, 12:55am, 1:05am, 1:14am, 1:42am, 2:09am, 3:09am, 4:09am
Newport to Williamstown – 12:58am, 1:21am, 1:41am, 2:34am, 3:33am, 4:33am

Frankston/Sandringham/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:
Frankston – 12:25am, 12:35am, 12:45am, 12:55am, 1:05am, 1:35am, 2:09am, 3:09am, 4:09am
Pakenham – 12:27am, 12:37am, 12:47am, 12:57am, 1:07am, 1:17am, 1:27am, 2:04am, 2:39am, 3:39am, 4:39am
Dandenong to Cranbourne – 1:32am, 1:52am, 2:10am, 3:29am
Sandringham – 12:30am, 12:40am, 12:50am, 1:00am, 1:10am, 1:20am, 1:30am, 2:03am, 2:26am, 2:54am, 3:54am, 4:54am

New Year’s Eve – Planned Cancellations in the PM Peak

New Year’s Eve cancellations in PM peak – To City

To City
South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:

  • Epping, departing 4.20pm
  • Greensborough, departing 5.10pm

Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:

  • Ringwood, departing 3.31pm & 6.10pm
  • Glen Waverley, departing 3.32pm & 6.05pm
  • Lilydale, departing 4.54pm & 5.09pm
  • Blackburn, departing 5.22pm
  • Alamein, departing 5.39pm, 6.07pm, 7.06pm & 7.52pm

Frankston/Sandringham/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:

  • Dandenong, departing 4.19pm, 4.30pm & 4.37pm
  • Westall, departing 4.29pm
  • Cranbourne, departing 4.41pm
  • Sandringham, departing 5.27pm, 5.42pm & 5.57pm

Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:

  • Broadmeadows, departing 5.10pm
  • Werribee, departing 5.24pm & 06.40pm
  • Laverton, departing 6.25pm
  • Watergardens, departing 5.38pm

New Year’s Eve cancellations in PM peak – From City

From City
South Morang/Hurstbridge Lines:

  • Greensborough, departing Flinders St at 4.15pm, 5.10pm & 5.20pm
  • Hurstbridge, departing Flinders St at 5.46pm
  • South Morang, departing Flinders St at 4.39pm, 5.07pm & 5.23pm

Belgrave/Lilydale/Alamein/Glen Waverley Lines:

  • Glen Waverley, departing Flinders St at 3.19pm, 4.12pm, 5.23pm, 6.14pm & 6.39pm
  • Lilydale, departing Flinders St at 3.51pm, 5.20pm & 5.48pm
  • Belgrave, departing Flinders St at 4.42pm, 5.10pm, 5.26pm & 5.56pm
  • Blackburn, departing Flinders St at 4.43pm
  • Ringwood, departing Flinders St at 4:56pm
  • Alamein, departing Flinders St at 5.05pm, 5.34pm & 7.25pm

Frankston/Sandringham/Cranbourne/Pakenham Lines:

  • Cheltenham, departing Flinders St at 4.03pm & 7.26pm
  • Westall, departing Flinders St at 4.15pm & 4.36pm
  • Frankston, departing Flinders St at 5.31pm, 5.36pm, 6.09pm, 6.20pm & 6.31pm
  • Mordialloc, departing Flinders St at 4.46pm, 5.53pm & 6.25pm
  • Carrum, departing Flinders St at 4.58pm & 5.20pm
  • Sandringham, departing Flinders St at 4.53pm, 5.08pm & 5.23pm
  • Pakenham, departing Flinders St at 5.04pm & 5.18pm
  • Dandenong, departing Flinders St at 5.07pm, 5.22pm & 5.36pm

Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield/Werribee/Williamstown Lines:

  • Broadmeadows, departing Flinders St at 3.39pm, 3.59pm & 4.19pm
  • Werribee, departing Flinders St at 4.38pm, 5.05pm & 5.55pm
  • Craigieburn, departing Flinders St at 5.13pm, 5.33pm, 5.53pm & 6.39pm
  • Watergardens, departing Flinders St at 4.50pm, 5.16pm & 5.44pm
  • Sunbury, departing Flinders St at 6.16pm
  • Laverton, departing Flinders St at 5.36pm


Important Information

  • Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament stations will be closed from 11.45pm. Please travel to Flinders Street for your journey home on Metro.
  • To get the crowds into the city safely, the Flinders Street concourse will be exit station only from 7pm to midnight. To change platforms use the Degraves Street stairs or Elizabeth Street subway.
  • Customers will special needs and prams should enter/exit  Flinders Street via the bypass gate (located on Swanston Street either side of the retail outlets) for the safest access to/from the concourse lifts.

For more information about extra services on New Year’s Eve please contact Public Transport Victoria (PTV) on 1800 800 007