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MTM Rail Industry Worker Competency Management Service


Building and maintaining top class skills and capability is a top priority for the global railway industry and MTM.

This is the very reason for the establishment of the MTM Rail Industry Worker workforce management service.

With access to unrivalled knowledge of MTM’s competency requirements and of the Onsite system MTM are offering Victorian railway workers and contracting companies a superior RIW management service.

As Rail Industry Worker management specialists we can manage the RIW process for you, including collecting and uploading of individual records, skills sets, training and competencies, on boarding of new staff, role compliance to the Rail Operator standard, compliance reporting, priority training at MTM Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering both nationally recognised units of competence and purpose built non-accredited training programs, and priority site access opportunities.

MTM’s Rail Industry Worker team, set the rules, manage, facilitate, coordinate, promote and communicate all site access requirements for the MTM Network and on behalf of the Australian Railway Association, this means the Rail Industry Worker team are up to date with all the latest changes and requirements and play a part in all the competency changes that happen around the network.

MTM provides accurate time and cost-effective solutions to help you achieve compliance.

 Why work with us?

MTM’s Rail Industry Worker workforce management service assists in reducing risk and ensuring compliance is an integral part of your business. Building reputation and achieving better returns by enhancing competence across your workforce.

MTMs’ Rail Industry Worker workforce management team has the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and work with our clients to manage the RIW process for you, whilst optimising your company’s compliance and helping your company to achieve its compliance goals.

The MTM Rail Industry Worker workforce management service helps:

  • Reduce your administration overhead cost
  • Reduce the administration of updating Onsite when things change
  • Reduce the risk of having a misalignment between Onsite and MTM
  • Reduce the risk of over training or undertraining your workforce
  • Reduce the risk of your workforce being non-compliant
  • We manage your everyday requirements for RIW
  • We offers one on one/ face to face support
  • We ensure your workforce is compliant to be on site


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