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Metro Academy Course Offerings

Metro Academy Course Offerings

Metro Academy provides training for the rail industry allowing rail safety workers to attain and maintain rail safety competencies.

Competency renewals are required 24 months after gaining an initial statement of attainment with a Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) approved Registered Training Organisation.

Competencies must be renewed with Metro Academy to enable people to safely work in the MTM Network

Accredited Training*
Course name Statement of attainment issued Competency accepted by: Frequency offered Course cost
(GST does not apply)
Construction Induction (White Card) CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry N/A
  • Friday 30/10/20
  • Friday 20/11/20
  • Friday 11/12/20
Train Track Safety Awareness TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor MTM & V/Line Daily $310
Lookout TLIF2081 – Perform lookout duties MTM Every other Friday $515
Handsignaller TLIF2082 – Perform handsignaller duties MTM & V/Line Every other Monday $515
Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.1 TLIF3083 – Conduct track protection assessment

TLIW2001 – Operate under track protection rules 

MTM Every other Tuesday $995
Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.2 TLIC2081 – Pilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits

TLIL3065 – Implement a track occupancy authority

TLIL3084 – Implement a local possession authority

TLIL3083 – Implement a track work authority and manage rail traffic through worksites

TLIW2037 – Clip and secure points

MTM Monthly $1,495
Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 TLIL4069 – Plan and coordinate protection for multiple worksites within limits of a work on track authority MTM Quarterly $795
Track Vehicle Operator 1 TLIC2054 – Access rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite

TLIC3045 – Operate road/rail vehicle

MTM As required $660


Online competency renewal training*
Course Name *** Renewal accepted by: Course cost
(inclusive of RIW upload)**
TTSA Online Renewal MTM & V/Line $165.00 (GST incl)
Lookout Renewal (6-months) MTM $80.00 (GST incl)
Handsignaller Renewal (6-months) MTM & V/Line $95.00 (GST incl)
TFPC 3.1 Renewal (6-months) MTM $110.00 (GST incl)
TFPC 3.2 Renewal (6-months) MTM $120.00 (GST incl)

TFPC 3.3 Renewal (6-months)

MTM $135.00 (GST incl)

TVO1 renewal (6-months)

MTM $110.00 (GST incl)


Course  Competency required by: Course cost

Safely work in the rail corridor

MTM $484.00 (GST incl)



Must Bring:

• Full length trousers
• Steel capped, lace up boots with ankle support
• Long sleeve shirt

May bring or will be provided:

• Eye protection
• Rail approved high visibility vest / shirt
• Hard hat

Failure to have correct PPE will result in you unable to participate in training session

* Selected accredited and all renewal courses require you to hold statements of attainment as pre-requisites. These must be verified before  training can commence, best endeavours to have this completed by close of next business day.

** Best endeavours to have this completed by close of next business day

*** Due to COVID-19 Metro Trains is offering online renewal of competencies. The renewal period for online training is six months and can’t be completed twice. Subsequent renewals are face to face with a 24 month competency extension.

**** This refresher is for Rail Safety workers that are about to expire. If your competency has lapsed for greater than six months and/or have not completed Metro Safety & Environmental Induction previously (where TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor was attained interstate or by a non MTM endorsed training provider) this course is not suitable for you.

Please email to book a face to face training session.

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