Film & Photography Application Form | Metro Trains

Film & Photography Application Form

Before you begin your application, be advised that any of the following is prohibited on the Metro rail network:

• Activity that disruptions or creates inconvenience for Metro passengers, staff, tenants, neighbours or the general public.
• Activity in the air space directly above the train including filming and photography that involves aircraft and helicopters.
• Activity that requires excavation work.
• Use of pyrotechnics, dangerous or flammable substances and weapons (including spear guns, firearms and explosives).
• Production of film or photography with subject matter that is likely to be considered sensitive or offensive. This includes nudity, offensive language, violence, drug use, anti-social behaviour or political or racial content.
• Production of film or photography that may diminish the reputation of public transport or the public transport system in Victoria.
• Production of film or photography to be used to promote a political party, parties or a political cause.
• Production of film or photography that promotes or relates to alcohol or gambling.

Only completed applications will be assessed.

Please allow up to two weeks for processing of your application.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a permit will be granted. Metro is under no obligation to accept applications.

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