Community Education Unit

The Metro Community Education Unit (CEU) proactively engages with schools and community groups to teach and promote safe train travel.

Their objective is to proactively engage school groups to advise on safe utilisation of public transport and the expected standards of behaviour.

Every year there are serious train incidents involving children who are either unaware of train safety rules, or ignore them, often with grave consequences. We hope to reduce the number of incidents involving children through this program.

The Community Education Unit is a team of Metro Customer Service Officers who have undergone specialised training to facilitate engagement with a variety of audiences.

The program educates the wider community about issues that affect them while travelling on public transport, specifically trains and aims to put students on the “right track”.

The presentations cover topics related to:

  • Platform and train safety
  • Safe use of rail crossings
  • Journey planning
  • Tickets and concessions
  • Laws and behaviours
  • Roles of an Authorised Officer

Following on from the presentations, the CEU team also promotes the use of TrackSAFE’s Be on the Safe Side program. This program can be integrated into your school’s curriculum and be used to further educate students on safe train travel. Further information on the program is available on the TrackSAFE education website and from members of the CEU.

Presentations can be tailored in order to address specific concerns to your group.

Contact the CEU

The CEU is able to arrange presentations prior to class or school excursions and our attendance to any school or community group is free of charge.

To secure a presentation, please send an e-mail with your name, school and contact number to or phone (03) 9619 4651.

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