Filming and Photography

Metro appreciates that trains, stations and railway assets make popular subjects when it comes to filming and photography. Whilst we understand the widespread desire to capture images of the railway, safety, overcrowding on platforms and reliability of services remain our number one priority. That’s why the following procedures are in place to ensure that all activities relating to filming and photography are carried out effectively and safely.

Filming and Photography Guidelines

If you are seeking to capture images or footage as part of a professional production or student project, you will need a permit from Metro.

It is preferable for any filming and photography to be conducted outside of our busy CBD and major interchange stations and outside of peak travel periods, i.e. AM and PM peaks, special events etc. When this is unavoidable each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis and subject to approval.

The following guidelines must be observed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • When at the station, please stay behind the yellow line
  • Always mind the gap between the train and the platform
  • You cannot use a tripod at a station unless you have a permit from Metro
  • You cannot capture images on board a train unless you have a permit from Metro
  • You cannot capture images of rail staff unless you have their expressed permission
  • Respect the wishes of those passengers who ask not to be photographed
  • Activities should not impede customer traffic or delay train services
  • No artificial lighting can be directed toward oncoming trains
  • At all times, you must abide by these guidelines and take direction from railway staff
  • Be safe, all filming and photography is undertaken at your own risk
  • Any filming or photography on trains cannot be conducted during these peak travel periods

Metro will review your application for any station on the metropolitan network (with consideration given to the above) except for Southern Cross Station – these enquiries should be directed to JCDecaux.

Once you submit the form there is generally a two-week turnaround although complex applications may take longer so please plan ahead!

Download and complete the Professional and Student Filming and Photography Application form here.


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